Hey wassup y'all its ya West Coast Cosmo the Bay Area hair suhster Whipped By Nisey here and its a little messy around this here website !! LOL ! BUT y'all that know me know I am my team sooo we are getting it out the mud and I came currently ( probably as you on this website lm*o) updating my website. New policy updates , new products and more ! So everything as far as booking and purchasing is up and running normally just the esthetic is going to be a tad bit off ! HAHA so thank you for being here during my glow up stage follow me on Instagram.com/_whippedbynisey and connect with me don't forget to subscribe to this website and join the SUHSTER-HOOD ! Thank you for your support love you suh!


Kristen R.

WhippedByNisey is the GOAT, West Coast Hair Connection does not disappoint.


Charity W.

BOMB A** STYLIST ALL THE WAY AROUND!! PERIOD! Cant even fit everything in this box!


Yolanda A.

My favorite West Coast frontal slayer!!! I couldn't have asked for a better hairstylist in the Bay.